Q: How Do I Know What Size Wig To Get?
- The most accurate way to know what size wig to get is to measure your head. Measuring the circumference of your head insures that your wig will fit you just right without being to big or too loose. All wigs come with adjustable straps and combs etc but it is better to know the exact size of your head for flawless fitting. We have sizes Small (20-21" circumference), Medium (22-23" circumference) and Large 24" circumference). We can also customized X small and X large wigs (reach out via email or fb/ig social media platforms @rebelglamhair) Average head size is a 22".
Q: How many bundles do i need for a full head of hair?
- We recommend getting at least 3 bundles for a full head of hair (ideal for a sewin) - Keep in mind The longer the hair the shorter the wefts so with inches 22 and longer you may need 4 or more bundles depending on how thick you like your hair.
Q: How Long Is Shipping?
Shipping is the desired time you set at check out, or The special shipping times on the particular product you purchased. Example.. A custom made wig would take longer to ship than a Ready to Ship wig. Check the item you purchased.
Q: What Is The Daily Maintenance For Hair and Wigs?
- We recommend twisting or braiding hair at night to prevent tangling while sleeping. Wash and condition your hair as needed. - Use a leave in conditioner to help maintain your hairs luster - Its best to comb hair while wet if you should experience tangles. - Use styling products minimally to avoid build up - For Wavy & Curly hair use a spray bottle of water for natural look - For a “WET” look, we suggest a leave in conditioner & water - AVOID ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS TO AVOID DRYING OUT YOUR INVESTMENT! - Dampen hair with a water bottle and Comb through (wide tooth comb) beginning at the ends and working your way up to your scalp - Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls - Let air dry - Use minimal heat to ensure longevity
Q: Can I Color or Bleach My Hair?
- Yes, Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized to ensure longevity.
Q: Do I need Glue or Adhesive For My Wig Unit?
- Most of our units are glue-less but if you would like to use glue you are free to do that as well. Check the description to make sure you get what your looking for. - Frontal wigs come glue-less but to get the most flawless look some reinforcements can be added.
Q: When Is The First Payment Due
- The first payment is due at the time of purchase. The remainder is due every 2 weeks after until paid in full.
Q: When Does Hair Ship If I Choose The Payment Option?
- After you set up your payment plan your order will start to process and will be shipped out based upon the shipping time you chose or the shipping time of the product.
Q: How Does The Payment Plan Work?
- Click on the SEZZLE to apply for payment plans. They will walk you thru the entire process.
Q: What Happens If I Miss A Payment Plan?
- If you miss a payment on your payment plan, you must contact SEZZLE https://sezzle.com/contact-us/shopper-support. This is a third party company, we do not handle payment plan issues.
Q: Does The Payment Check Credit or Add Interest?
- The Payment Plan is through a third party company that does not charge interest or check your credit.
Q: What Do I Do If My Package Has Been Lost, Stolen or Damaged
- If your products are lost in mail, stolen or arrive to you damaged, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT (USPS) POSTAL SERVICE to file a claim for your products and or fees. After Products leave Our Rebel Glam Hair Facility we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. For safety, Please keep up with your tracking information and make sure you are available to receive your packages at the estimated time of arrival.
What Is The Refund Policy?