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Healthy hair that looks fabulous can make you feel confident and super attractive. Shiny and Strong hair makes you the cynosure of all eyes.

Taking a few basic hair care steps can go a long way in maintaining your hair. We help you grow your hair full, strong and healthy, for a beautiful look you can be proud of! A little consistency and love goes a long way! Remember, your hair is an extension of your personality which can make or break how you feel about YOU! When you look good, you FEEL good! Take time to love on yourself rebel, YOU DESERVE IT!

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Haircare ...

Wild Flower Hair Growth Serum

Do You Have Balding or Thinning Hair? Wild Flower Hair Growth Serum Replenishes the scalp’s natural oils, and Supports and aids in the natural hair growth process by repairing the scalp and the hair follicles for smoother and stronger hair. It makes thinning and weak hair thicker, and Prevents hair loss. Regrow your hair today!

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The Kick Ass Collection

Our Products are all natural, unique and tailor made with the thought of all of our Rebels in mind! These products are specially formulated to improve the condition of any hair type! We invite you to make your move! Show your hair the Kick Ass Love that its been missing!

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    The Kick Ass Hair Collection

    A all natural hair ingredient combination, Specializing in MOISTURE AND GROWTH, This hair product collection is a rebel favorite. It specializes in cleansing each hair follicle of all dirt and debris and replenishes your hair and scalp leaving your hair soft, bouncy and super moisturized. If you have dry scalp or dry and brittle hair, we highly recommend you taking this experience so that you too can have Kick Ass Hair!!

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The Woman Behind The Brand

So this is the part where i tell you about myself huh, Ok lets get it. They call me Tizzy. A North Carolina native Ive always had a passion for hair, and all things outdoors, hints REBEL. I didnt mind putting on dresses and lip gloss, in fact i embraced it, but you better believe that as soon as i finished getting dressed, i was running out the door to play kickball or ride on bike trails with the boys. My moto is, Do exactly what you want to do, and make it look sexy!

This has always been me, a perfectly complicated mix of REBEL and GLAM! This is what drives the heart of the company.

Doing Hair has been my love since i can remember. I watched my mother transform women in our tiny North Carolina Apartment, so its no surprise that I am here today doing what i absolutley love for all of you.

Seeing the smiling faces of clients and hearing the hair journeys of you all is what keeps me dedicated to making every wig, curl and hair product as perfect and effective as it can possibly be.

It is my hopes that this is a personal experience for you. One that encourages trust, inspiration and long time connections between you, I and Rebel Glam Hair company.

My goal is to simply Live, Love, Inspire, Embrace and Grow Hair! Here we are family! I sincerely thank you for being apart of the Rebel Glam Hair family.