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Healthy hair that looks fabulous can make you feel confident and super attractive. Shiny and Strong hair makes you the cynosure of all eyes.

Taking a few basic hair care steps can go a long way in maintaining your hair. We help you grow your hair full, strong and healthy, for a beautiful look you can be proud of! A little consistency and love goes a long way! Remember, your hair is an extension of your personality which can make or break how you feel about YOU! When you look good, you FEEL good! Take time to love on yourself rebel, YOU DESERVE IT!

Hair Care Tips
Haircare ...

Hair Regrowth

Do You Have Balding or Thinning Hair? Wild Flower Hair Growth Serum Replenishes the scalp’s natural oils, and Supports and aids in the natural hair growth process by repairing the scalp and the hair follicles for smoother and stronger hair. It makes thinning and weak hair thicker, and Prevents hair loss. Regrow your hair today!

Wild Flower Hair Growth Serum

Grow My Hair

The Kick Ass Collection

Our Products in this line are all natural, unique and tailor made with the thought of our Rebels in mind! These products are specially formulated to improve the condition of any hair type! We invite you to make your move! Show your hair the Kick Ass Love that its been missing!

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    LIBERATION.... This sulfate free shampoo is a Super cleansing shampoo. Infused with apple cider vinegar, Its designed to cleanse the hair and scalp from all dirt and debris while moisturizing each hair strand in the process! This low lather shampoo can stand in a class of its own, but works wonders when used with our entire Kick Ass Collection Line!

    Shampoo Me!
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    DEFIANCE... Top of the line, This Leave-In conditioner also serves as an incredible hair detangler. Adding supreme moisture, it has the ability correct dry and unruly hair immediately. Also in this collection is our RESILIENCE, deep conditioner that is amazing at Restoring damaged hair. Our conditioners are in a class of their own but works wonders when used with our entire Kick Ass Collection line.

    Condition Me!
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    Hair Oils

    RAPUNZLE... We have combined the wonders of natural oils such as Babassu, grapeseed and emu to produce our Rapunzel Hair Growth Oil – an antioxidant rich Hair growth solution that will increase blood circulation to your scalp, remove product residue, aid in scalp dandruff treatment and assist in growing hair. Its great for dry scalp and leaves hair smelling amazing with an incredible shine.

    Oil Me Up